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Testimonial: RSA Buying Group Provides Big Benefits for Small Vending Operators.

By Michael Talley, Owner Talley Vending Services.

Regardless of the size of your vending operation, I truly believe that RSA can and will help you save money, improve your business, and teach you to buy smarter. These are just a few of the benefits you will see once you have joined the RSA Buying Group. John Murn and his team of driven Entrepreneurs, will help you elevate your vending operation to new heights. My rebate checks have increased every quarter, and they have helped me tremendously. The emails I receive from RSA Buying Group help me purchase smarter and help to increase sales.  I can honestly say that the manufacturer’s and product providers have a great respect for the RSA Buying Group. I was impressed at the 2015 NAMA OneShow, with how many discounts and programs were offered for members of the RSA Buying Group. I would highly recommend joining RSA Buying Group to anyone that owns a vending machine operation or operates a snack bar or cafeteria.


Testimonial: Five minutes for free money!

By Allan Curry, Owner Curry Vending Service, Phoenix, Arizona.

It only took five minutes to sign up for the RSA Buying Group rebate program and now I get checks like clockwork every quarter. I receive rebates on most all the items I buy for my vending machines placed in an Arizona prison. RSA Buying Group is getting bigger and bigger. If you’re not a member you are missing out on valuable discounts on vending items and most notably a quarterly rebate check. Furthermore, the more blind vendors who register with RSA Buying Group only increases our buying power from the manufacturers! This is the best rebate program I’ve joined. Congratulations to the RSA Buying Group management for helping blind vendors across the country join together and show manufacturers we have buying power when buying together. Join now and increase our buying power even more.

Testimonial: Finally there is a way we can use our buying power to achieve lower prices!

By Zach Snow, Vendor GA CBV.

RSA Buying Group has the potential to unite all blind vendors by offering a national rebate program. Finally there is a way we can use our buying power across the country to achieve lower prices for all blind vendors. All we as vendors have to do is sign up. It’s a very simple process. You sign a form and give RSA Buying Group your customer number from your suppliers. The friendly team at RSA Buying Group track your purchases and send you a check. I have been receiving checks for several years now without any issues. Sign up today to start receiving your rebate checks and help all blind vendors.

There are no costs or membership fees to join!

There are no out of pocket expenses to join, but rather a share of the rebates earned. Rebates are with all of the major beverage and snack manufacturers.

Please download and complete the application below to start saving!

Frito Lay
AdvancePierre Foods
Mondelez International
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