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The first step in supplier and vendor management is creating a clear, unified vision. As a client, you will receive an RSA Expert Consultant who will perform site visits and help create a process that fits your needs and exceeds your goals.

Benefits of joining the RSA Management Group:

  • Having RSA Management Group manage your vendors and suppliers results in cost savings, a reduction in risk and liability, plus increased productivity for your company.
  • Your day to day tasks are handled by us. Every communication, problem, or question flows through our experienced team.
  • You are free of the administrative burdens, hassles and headaches that are the natural byproduct of vendors and suppliers.
  • We hire the highest quality vendors and suppliers to best serve you and your specific needs.
  • We know the industry and can effectively negotiate and communicate on your behalf.
  • RSA Management Group bears all the responsibilities of the vendors. If they do not perform with a high level of quality, we replace them with a vendor that does.
  • Whether you have remote locations in small markets or large locations in major markets, RSA Management Group can service it!
  • The RSA Management Group team provides you with personal customer service each and every day.
  • We remain on the cutting edge of technology and market improvements to better serve you.

Our extensive services include:


The RSA Management Group core mission is to help reduce costs by negotiating rebate contracts with manufacturers as well as establishing arrangements with local and national distributors. There are no out-of-pocket expenses to join, but rather a share of the rebates earned. Rebates are with all of the major beverage and snack manufacturers. Join today and start saving money!

Micro Markets

RSA Management Group offers a new and convenient way to turn your average break room into an exciting room of solutions to satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst. Our Micro Markets are a small, self-contained store in a location without an employee to monitor it. They can be set up in locations where customers otherwise wouldn’t be able to easily purchase these goods, such as an office complex. It’s comprised of freestanding storage, such as shelves, that hold a product and a checkout system installed nearby. This means that there is no machine that vends the product, but the system is autonomous like a vending machine.

Our Micro Markets are stocked with nutritious and enticing fresh food and snacks that will keep employees satisfied throughout the day. With more selections to choose from, everyone will be able to find something they like. Best of all, with thorough customization, any company can turn their break room into a Micro Market.

Some of our key Micro Markets benefits include:

  • Fresh, flavorful, nutritious foods and beverages available 24/7.
  • Convenient payment options including cashless systems.
  • Reward programs and incentive opportunities for your company.
  • Healthier workplace choices.
  • The ideal solution for wellness in the workplace.


RSA Management Group provides advice and expertise on technology to help our members meet and exceed their customer’s expectations through the following programs:

Cashless and Interactive Vending Machines

Cashless vending machines offer credit and debit card or mobile payment options to decrease the time customers spend at a machine when they’re in a hurry. Our interactive vending machines increase convenience to your customers and  feature intuitive touchscreens, LED lighting, and are often equipped with energy-saving technologies.

Digital Vending Machines

In order to draw attention to new products and promotions, operators can use a digital vending machines to run multiple promotions or highlight products on a rotating basis. Now being deployed nationwide, they combine the LCD touchscreen with a Microsoft Kinect motion sensor, cellular network connection and a powerful computer. Diji-Touch allows brands to engage with consumers in an entirely new way. Interactive ads, gesture-based gaming, sampling programs, social media interactions and real-time content updates are just the beginning, according to the manufacturer. The platform also allows consumers to get a comprehensive look at the vendible products by providing 360° views of 3D package shots, as well as nutritional information for every item on the menu.


We know that training our customers is key to their success. Our experienced team is ready to help you get the most from our variety of services with comprehensive training that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

RSA Management Group Programs include:

  • Delivering a consistent program to every location.
  • Leverage our size and buying power to provide the best economic benefit to our clients.
  • Assign a single point of contact to handle all of our client’s needs.
  • Provide a 24/7 call center to respond to issues as they arise.
  • Lead the industry with technology deployment and management.
  • Account for all revenue from all sources to make sure that it is timely, complete and accurate.
  • Report on all business related activities through our intuitive client portal.
  • Lower our client’s administrative costs by handling all of their vending management needs for them. Protect our clients from any liability issues related to vending.
  • Integrated Cashless and Cash Accountability: 
One solution to manage both cash and cashless vending from a single web-based application. Integrated accountability, reporting, financials, and more.
  • Cashless Alerts
: Provides actionable details on problems affecting cashless acceptance. Includes cashless-specific problems like reader failures or cabling issues, machine issues like stuck elevator arms or column jams, and network issues too. With cashless alerts you’ll be able to proactively dispatch service technicians and more easily identify and fix problems ensuring better customer service and boosting sales.
  • Smarter Cashless Sales Reporting: Tells you what items are sold using credit cards, because cashless sales records can be merged with planograms to provide item-specific cashless sales history. This per-item data is required for pricing analysis and promotions planning.
  • Anywhere Management
: allows you to set cash discounts, processing options and card types on a machine by machine basis and change it on the fly…from your desk or mobile device. No expensive on-site technician visits required!
  • Flexible Cash Discount
: Enables differentiated pricing: lower prices for cash, higher prices for cashless. Cash Discount amounts can be changed remotely – no on-site visit, tech support call, or change fees required!
  • Integrated Scheduling
: Shows next scheduled service date on the cashless reader. Prevents customer calls complaining about empty selections, because customers know without calling that those empties will be filled soon.
  • Multiple Processing Options: Choose among multiple processors/banks to handle your payments. Processors compete for your business so you get better rates!
  • Multiple Card Types & Flexible Blocking
: Accept credit and/or debit. Accept MasterCard and/or Visa and/or Discover and/or American Express. Ensures maximum flexibility to address differences between markets and fees.
  • Choice of Card Reader: Supports multiple card reader types, including MEI 3-in-1 readers and many other low-cost reader options.
  • Mobile Payments: Supports Apple Pay, Google Wallet® and Soft card Mobile Wallet® payments.Contact us today to speak to an RSA Management Group specialist.

Need more information, or want to join now?

There are no costs or membership fees to join!

There are no out of pocket expenses to join, but rather a share of the rebates earned. Rebates are with all of the major beverage and snack manufacturers.

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